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Stable Rugs & Blankets

Find the perfect stable rugs and blankets for your horse at! Quality rugs at good prices to keep your horse comfortable at all times. Lightweight and medium weight options are available. Choose between these based on the season. Easy closures make fastening the rug on your horse a simple and quick procedure. The breathable materials will keep your horse sheltered and cosy without oppression. Stable blankets are a soft, warm choice to keep your horse comfortable while indoors. They will allow him plenty of range of motion in his stall while providing the warmth he needs during the cool months.

Stable Rugs and Blankets

Horze Kingsley Stable Rug, 150g

AED 265

Stable Rugs and Blankets

Horze Nevada Midseason Stable 100g

AED 250
AED 120 AED 99
AED 195 AED 99
AED 190 AED 95

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