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From it’s base in Newcastle in the North East of England, Equine Products UK Ltd manufactures and sell horse supplements and tonics worldwide with renowned products such as; Selenavite E, Haemavite B Plus and Premier E.

The secret of their products is simple; they use the best ingredients available on the market and in the highest quantity, because they want the products to work and help customers. Equine Products believe that you deserve the best, and so does your horse.

All products manufactured by Equine Products UK Ltd are made at an approved EU manufacturing site, which is licensed under the EU Feed Hygiene Legislation, requirements of which include having a testing programme for Heavy Metals, Dioxins, Active Ingredients and Analytical Constituents.

The testing and daily procedures carried out by Equine Products UK Ltd is based around a HACCP plan, and all raw materials used by Equine Products UK Ltd are tested by an official FEI accredited laboratory in Paris prior to being released into the production process.


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