Maximus Body Protector

All measurements in the table are body measurements, not actual garment measurements. The following measurements should be taken for finding the correct size:

  • A. Chest girth
  • B. Waist girth
  • C. Over shoulder length (waist to waist)

It is vital that the body protector selected is correctly fitted and is comfortable to wear in all simulated riding positions. The back of the protector should not touch the saddle during riding. Body Protectors are designed to be worn over light clothing, they should be a snug reasonably tight fit so that they do not move during activity. When correctly fitted your body protector should cover the following areas of the body:

  • The whole circumference of the torso.
  • The front should reach at least 25 mm below the last rib without bending into a riding position being inhibited.
  • The top of the back of the protector should just reach the prominent bone at the base of the neck (seventh cervical vertebra).
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