Cavallo Boots

Step 1 — Prepare the Hoofs:

Brush and clean the hoof carefully so that the entire foot is clearly visible, and the buttress lines are obvious.

Make sure to use a measuring device with highly visible, contrasting numbers that will be easy to read and will show up well in photos. 

DO: Use a ruler or tape measure with increments as small as 1/16 of an inch (or down to the millimetre for metric rulers). Measure precisely to 1/16 of an inch or millimetre, if possible.

Step 2 — Measure the Length

It is important to place the “0” of your measuring device securely against the tip of the toe. Run the measuring device straight down the center of the hoof toward the heel.

Locate your equine’s hard points of the heel (the buttresses) and measure to where these two emerge. Do not include the heel bulbs. Record the length measurement or submit a photo.

DON’T: Do not hold your measuring device at an angle. Do not leave any part of the measuring device extended over the edge of the toe.

Step 3 — Measure the Width

Using the same measuring device, place the “0” at the edge of your horse’s hoof and run it straight and level across the widest point of the hoof.Make sure the measuring device is snug against the side of the hoof. Record the width measurement or submit a photo.

 DON’T: Do not hold your measuring device at an angle.

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